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Linda Ward

Linda Ward

Well, this is embarrassing! Our classmate has passed away and we don’t have any information about the death.  If you have any information, please contact Paul Peters so he can update the records.

Thanks, we appreciate your help!

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02/07/11 09:54 AM #1    

Douglas Schulz

Linda was one of my first loves in my life. It is always to hard to figure how someone with such great qualities could take thier life. But my brother, David Schulz (who graduated from Annandale high in 1969) took his life, and I understood that even less. I miss them both, Douglas Schulz

Post Opp: I thought it would be nice to add one of my more fun memories with Linda. It was either 1968 or 1969, I did not quite have my drivers license yet but Jimmy Shively did. Jimmy was one of my best friends and we would double date a lot. The movie Barbarella starring Jane Fonda had just come out, and it was X rated. We decided to make a big night of it. Jimmy, his girlfriend Judy Katz, me, and my date Linda Ward, made reservations at a fancy Italian restaurant in Georgetown. We got all dressed up and even got corsages for the girls. After a fabulous dinner, of course we were allowed to drink, we went to Barbarella. To this very day I can't remember what was more steamy, our hot dates, or that hot movie.

Years later when I was at college at American University in Washington DC, I tracked down Linda. I had not seen her for years. I still had a spark in my heart for her, and of course there was some glimmer of maybe our being able to rekindle an earlier relationship. All I can say is, it was very clear that life just seemed to be so mixed up for her. Life can be that way sometimes.

03/19/11 10:52 PM #2    

Margaret Britton (Northwind)

I was a painfully shy kid during my school years, and Linda was very kind to me."Hi, there, hi!" was her greeting, as I recall.  She befriended me (I can't remember how we connected, but I am glad we did); and helped me get a job at Raleigh's, a men's suits store at Landmark Shopping Center when Landmark was outdoor shopping.  Since I did not have a car, she would pick me up in her VW bus.  It was such fun to ride in that wonderful old, stick shift, riding high in the seats, vehicle!  It seems to me we imbibed in the ganja on a few occasions, too!  Does anyone remember what color her bus was?  I remember grey, with a split front windowshield.  I am sorry that you had to leave our world so soon, my dear.  I have no doubt that you are with The Creator, and you are experiencing infinite love, joy and happiness.  Hey!  I'll see you there some day.

10/17/11 08:06 PM #3    

Douglas Kingdom

Linda lived in our neighborhood and I can remember I had the biggest crush on her (like most of the guys on our street did).  She was so sweet and always had a smile for everyone.  I can still see her getting on the bus in the morning.  Always smiling even at that time of day.  I delivered the Washington Post in our neighborhood and in those days I had to go door to door each month to collect for delivery.  When I got to Linda's house, I had to gather my nerve to knock on the door.  I would knock and she would come to the door, say hello and holler for her Mom.  My knees always got weak.  Such great memories.  When I visit my Mom in N. Springfield I pass her house and still think of her.  I own 2 Volkswagen buses....a 7 passenger and a Westfalia camper.  I know she would approve!  :)

02/28/17 10:44 AM #4    

Debra Thomann (Carroll)

I remember Linda and how she had a smile for everyone.   I probably hung out with her more before high school & she dated my older brother, Mark, for a brief time.   She will always be a lovely, kind person in my mind and God knows he has an angel.   Her father helped me to get a job at his firm Ward/Hall Architects in the building that was right off the highway that the firm built.  I worked there in 1973 for about 6 months as they hired me knowing I was moving after my husband finished the Basic School in Quantico w/ the Marine Corps which was a 6 month program.  It was a great place to work and I was sorry to leave. 

03/01/17 03:14 PM #5    

Marsha Gallagher (Gallagher)

I don't remember Linda Ward as much as I remember her mother. Mrs. Ward was my 6th grade teacher and later my Girl Scout leader. She was one of my favorites, always kind and understanding. We had a story every day after lunch, went outside for recess even when the weather was bad and no one else went out, and could always count on Mrs. Ward to roll the piano into the classroom for afternoon music. No wonder Linda turned out so well! It sounds like Linda grew up with to be a lot like her mom.

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