Graduation Photos

Okay classmates, it's been a few years since AHS graduation and about time to share some memories. So, we're looking for any photos of senior prom, graduation, graduation parties, or photos of the summer of '71.  I think the statue of limitations has expired so don't be shy!

Please send your submissions to Paul Peters at 



Below is a picture sumbitted by David Anderson. 

Jeff Cooper at the senior prom.  Wow, he looked so good all dressed up.  Okay, who is the lovely girl with Jeff?


Submitted by Maryalice through Maureen.  Time for your thinking caps!  Can you name these classmates?  Send your submissions to


Patti Hemphill, Mike Gassman, Linda Harris, The famous Olson twins, Debbie & Jane, Patty McCartney, Paul Peters, Tom Kennedy, George Roberts, ________?, Danny Cadigan, Becky Green, Vicki Lee,  John Meana, Jeff Cooper, David Anderson