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02/27/21 12:23 PM #5    


Janet Jones (Hannemann)

Mr. Finch is entwined in all our memories of our years at AHS.  I worked in the front office as a student assistant, and he would stop just to chat and ask how things were going on his way thru...cared about students and staff alike. Always listened to what was being said and was thoughtful and fair in his decisions.  A wonderful educator and all-around good person. Thank you, Mr. Finch!

02/28/21 08:36 AM #6    

Michael Guthrie

I will never forget Mr Finch being so mad at me for allowing the Mag Drive skit to involve Steve Wendt's pig (boar named Sue) entering the gym chasing after M&M's 😂😂 His face and head were blood rushing red. 

04/11/21 10:07 PM #7    


Fred Chandler

Dave Tighe's brother posted this on Facebook. Dave has stomach cancer. I wouldn't hav posted this except for his brother posting it on FB.

06/05/21 06:16 AM #8    


Sam Juliano

Fifty-one years ago...
Annandale High Junior Prom!!! My best friend John Wohlford and his date Cathy Borland, and my date Marie Hamilton and bleached-blond me. Dad and Mom are both trying to take pictures at the same time (which always resulted in failure!). My Mom's waterfall paintings are in the background.

Did you guess that John and I used the same Tux shop? I got too nervous trying to pin the corsage on Marie, so her mother had to take over.  Speaking of too nervous, thank you Patti Hamilton for asking your little sister for me.

We had reservations at a fancy restaurant, and then we were off to the prom... where a great night of dancing and mixing was in store. Ah yes, I remember it well!

But for the life of me, I can't remember WHERE our prom was held. A classmate told me that our Senior Prom (which I was not around for) was held at Tyson's Corner. She thinks that the Junior Prom was held at AHS... maybe a cafeteria or gym. I want to believe it was someplace more glamorous, like the Waldorf Astoria, but she could be right. However, I remember this clearly... I was taking Marie home after the prom and I was driving west on Edsall Road, and I turned left on Backlick Road. My purpose was nefarious ('nuff said). Marie noticed and said she lived the other way, so I said "oops" and turned around on Backlick going north... I think she lived in Columbia Pines or some subdivision off Columbia Pike. Why would I have been coming from the Shirley Highway area if it was at AHS? I'm confused! If anyone remembers where it was, I'd love to hear it!

06/15/21 07:12 AM #9    

Michael Guthrie

As we approach June 17th and 50 years 🤦🏻 since Graduation, two memories come to mind. Me looking like bozo the clown w my Afro, red cap and gown and white bandage on my nose from a car accident as I drove  with Tom Micklewright to a baseball game. 
> pretty sure afterward I bought beer for the guys at Luigi's as I was the only one 18 at the time. 

07/04/21 12:02 AM #10    


Paul Peters

 To all of our classmates who have already donated to and to those who will donate to the 50th class reunion celebration fund - THANK YOU!

What a wonderful gift to help make our upcoming 50th celebration a success!
We appreciate those who have been so gracious. It’s classmates like you that go the extra mile to help all of us enjoy a memorable reunion celebration and an opportunity to rekindle long, oft-neglected friendships.  

Thank you again and we look forward to our 50th celebration!

Your class reunion committee!


07/07/21 09:09 PM #11    


Paul Peters

Remember when we looked after and cared about each other. Yes, yes, we all have our own lives, families, troubles, etc. but we should expand our comfort zones, cast out our nets, and see how each of us is doing.  It just might make someone's bad day look up and smile!
So, take a few moments and send a welcoming and friendly email to a classmate who you haven’t heard from in a while. If you don’t receive an email from a classmate don’t fret, don't pout, just post a message on our Message Forum with an update on your own. I know I’d love hearing about and from you or an update from someone who knows your circumstances.
We have a reunion next year so, take the time to reintroduce yourself to an old flame, send a cheerful message to someone who used to be your best friend.  Basically, reach out to a classmate and let them know you care. I know you’d like to hear from a classmate, and you can bet, they’d love to receive your message of friendship as well.

Become an AHS super hero and reach out to a classmate.
Good memories turn frowns into smiles!

Reunion celebration survey link!

Donate to our AHS 50th Class Reunion  link!

07/20/21 10:00 AM #12    


Laura Twiford (Harrington)

Hello classmates - I have been out of touch for about 9 months since moving and changing my email.  We moved from SC to Bonita Springs in SW Florida.  The simple golf course condo life is good, nothing much to take care of in my lazy old age.  I think this will be my last move before the old folks home.  My husband was coaching college golf for the University of SC but has now retired.  I hope everyone is well and enjoying life.  I really don't think I will be able to attend the reunion unfortunately.  take care everyone. LAURA

07/21/21 06:10 AM #13    

Michael Guthrie

Laura, you should connect with Becky Kleinfelter as she lives in the Naples area as well. 

07/23/21 03:28 PM #14    


Maureen Hamilton (Hackert)

The reunion committee was overwhelmed by the response to our request for donations for our 50th high school reunion! A BIG THANK YOU goes out to all the classmates who made a donation.  Due to their generosity, we are able to pay the deposit required to secure the Magical Ballroom at the Fairview Marriott for our reunion!

Thank you Fred Chandler, Rod Clutter, Bill Bowen, Tom Poole, Dave Anderson, Tim Gilroy, Gerald Todd, Mike Guthrie, Dave Cooley, Casey Hustvedt, Debra Olson, Jane Olson, Susan Allen, Patti Miller, Anne Swanson, Pam Moore, Linda Harris, Iris Phipps,  Betty Petersilia, Ben Marshall, Paul Rowson and Paul Peters!!!!

In addition, Mike Gassman has donated the funds needed to pay the DJ. So as you dance the night away, remember to thank Mike!

If you would like to make a contribution we are still taking donations. These donations would be used to help finance the Friday Night Happy Hour.  All the information regarding the reunion will be released soon. So stay tuned!

Please consider donating to our 50th reunion celebration. (click here)

08/13/21 01:25 PM #15    


Fred Chandler

Timothy Gooley
FEBRUARY 6, 1953 – JULY 14, 2020

Obituary of Timothy Gooley

Rev. Timothy Gooley, 67, a Presbyterian minister, 30-year resident of North Palm Beach, and pillar of the community, passed away on Tuesday, July 14, 2020. Tim was born on February 6, 1953 in Fort Wayne, Indiana, the third of four sons to the late Howard and Virginia Gooley. After graduating from Indiana University in 1975, Tim spent several years in government contracting before finding his life’s calling in christian ministry. Tim married the love of his life, Joni, in 1981 while both were employed at Young Life’s Windy Gap in Weaverville, NC. The Gooleys (then with four sons) moved to North Palm Beach in 1990, where Tim began working as the Youth Director at First Presbyterian Church. The growing Gooley family wouldn’t be complete until the adoption of Behailu, Endale, and Mita in 2009.

Photo: Tim & Dave Tighe - Judy Owen

Tim had an infectious laugh, a keen sense of humor, compassionate heart, and quick wit. An adoring father and avid sports-fan, you could often find him on the sidelines coaching and cheering on his kids. He beamed when asked about his seven children and loved to sing their praises. He enjoyed the outdoors, playing guitar, and the company of family and friends, but most important was Tim’s relationship with Christ. He lived out his faith every day and dedicated his life to spreading the message of Jesus’ amazing grace through the gospel. His unparalleled energy and passion for adventure were a natural fit in ministry. He continued to partner with YL while at First Pres, taking groups of kids to camp, teaching them to live off the land at Pioneer Plunge, and leading mission trips in Latin America. Whether leading fellowship over breakfast or BBQ, officiating weddings of those he shepherded as youth, or connecting with the older members of the community, Tim left a lasting impact on the lives he touched.

A natural storyteller and teacher, Tim’s innate ability to connect with people, young and old, allowed him to build lifelong relationships and drew people to him as a confidant, father figure, and close friend. He was never too busy to listen, offer a kind word, comforting hug, or a joke to lighten the mood. Tim valiantly battled chronic illnesses over the past decade and did so without complaint. He was always faithful, joyfully confident of his future in heaven. He will be dearly missed, but we are all lucky to have been touched by Tim’s life. Well done, good and faithful servant. Tim is survived by his beloved wife of 39 years, Joni; seven children, Gabriel (Bethany) of Los Angeles, CA; Jesse (Lila) of Raleigh, NC; Graham (Casey) of Greer, SC; Taylor (Leah) of West Palm Beach, FL; Behailhu, Endale, and Mita of North Palm Beach; five grandchildren, Evelyn, Lawson, Lottie, Luna (due Aug 2020) and a granddaughter due Oct 2020. Tim is also survived by his brothers, Jack (Alice) and Steve (Kathy), several brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law, and countless nephews and nieces.

Due to the pandemic, services will be limited to immediate family. A larger celebration of life will be planned at a future date. In lieu of flowers, please consider donating to the Timothy K. Gooley Trust, online ( or via check, for the benefit of the younger Gooley children.



08/14/21 08:27 AM #16    

Henry Whitney (Whitney)

Tim invited me to his 18th birthday party. I was so clueless I didn't even remember to bring a present. We watched "Ben-Hur." The words "Young Life" brings a picture of Tim playing guitar and singing "He's got the power in his hands." I look forward to hearing his story in glory.

08/19/21 11:20 AM #17    

Stanley Kayes

Re photo of George Kyle on 4/26/20.  I think that is George on the far left.  Espeially the way he tilted his head.  I think I am standing next to him in the red shirt.  John Dauer is on the first row far right.   I can't remember where or why we were there.  Spooky seeing yourself in a photo that you can't remember the details.  After reading some of the posts, a cave club meeting makes sense as there appears to be caving helmets in the picture.  My brother was a big caver at Va Tech while I was at Annandale HS and went on several expeditions with the Tech cave club. 

08/20/21 12:54 PM #18    


Fred Chandler


Thanks for the comment. I am trying to figure all the names out by the reunion.

08/21/21 12:08 AM #19    


Paul Peters

Well, nothing is more addictive than memories from the past and lately, I've been consumed. I've been trying to update our, in memory pages and wow, it's addictive.  Memories of our AHS classmates has captured my time and filled me with wonderment  Where has all the time gone?  As mentioned we now are close to having 60 classmates who have left us too early and that saddens me.  We really should take time to catalog our classmate memories. 
As you visit the in memory pages you'll see that there are a few classmates that have slipped through the cracks. I've had access to our earlier AHS yearbooks but, we're still a bit shy with photos and information on some of our fellow classmates. Some of our classmates' entries and comments are a hoot! Such great memories are  being shared with us. For example the comments on Doug Coughlan's page are simply delightful (Doug Coughlan).  These memories help us navigate through the still waters.
Folks, would you kindly take a look at the list below, then dig through your dusty piles and help fill in some blanks. If possible go through the full list and share with us some of your more cherished class memories.  I'd love to include them in our updates. (please send to Paul Peters)

I'm sorry, while creating this message I received a note that Doug Kingdom passed away on Monday, August 16th. Again, we share the passing of another classmate.

Paul Peters

  • Craig Belanger - Memories needed, and photo - passed 1995
  • Thomas Daley – Photo needed - passed 2012
  • William Doyle – Photo needed - passed 2004
  • Steve Edelston – Photo & month and day of death? - passed 1971
  • Thomas Kulina – Photo needed -  passed 2002
  • George Kyle – Photo needed - passed 1971
  • Greg Von Beulwitz – Photo needed - passed 2014
  • Linda Ward - Photo needed and information regarding her passing and date of birth & death - 

Say, are we missing your favorite AHS teacher?  Some are posted on our, "In Memory" pages.  Would you like to see your favorite or worse teacher remembered, send me their names and we'll do our best to add them! (Paul Peters)

Thanks for your assistance!


08/21/21 08:10 PM #20    


Fred Chandler

I ran into these classmates this weekend. Does anyone recognize the?

08/22/21 10:56 AM #21    

Clinton McKinney

Referencing the picture of the 1971-1972 Caving Club:

Just guessing, I would say, front far left standing Paul Morabito?

08/24/21 11:31 PM #22    


Paul Peters

Classmates, many fond memories were made during our school-age years together. Classmate friends shared good times and events until, inevitably, most moved in different directions. School friendships are often lost and what remains are only the memories. So, please consider sending us some of those "fondest" memories and some photos of you, your family, or you together with other classmates. 
Say, can you imagine going to our class reunion only to find out that most of your classmates are not there. You’re looking around, all over the place but don’t recognize a face in the crowd that looks familiar. Oops, we're older! It’s not just you, Just about everyone has that same look about them.  Well a few of you look just as amazing now as you did in school.  So now, sending us your photo makes sense, right? Het, add a story about after school days or a story of your antics in school. Let's share!
You know discovering deceased high school friends is one way to reconnect with lost friends but, let's not wait. Increase your AHS classmate communication - No stamps required, no trees will be destroyed, and your handwriting won’t be graded. Using a classmate's profile page you can post or send a private message or, make use of our Message Forum and post a message that will be shared with the class. I can't wait to see your input!

Finally, remember to invite or challenge your friends to attend our upcoming graduation celebration.  Tell them you'll see them there! It'll be a blast!
BTW: We're updating our, "In Memory" pages and would love to include some of our teachers who influenced our lives.  Send us your vote!  So far, Miss Aspinall is leading the charge with affecting future lives.

See you at the reunion,
Paul Peters  
208 Jordan Drive
Winchester, Virginia 22602


08/25/21 01:40 AM #23    


Paul Peters

We're looking for missing classmates!
Any ideas?

Sometimes I just wish you were here so I could tell you how much I need you and how hard every day has been without you.

As we prepare for our 50th year reunion it is our desire to find and contact all the members of our graduating class and offer them an opportunity to join in the celebration!. 
This link (click here) will take you to the page set aside with a list of classmates who have never registered for the website and are missing from our classmate family. 
Any thoughts? - If you are aware of anyone on the list and their contact information would you kindly forward it to us.

Thank you,
Paul Peters, email link

08/31/21 05:55 AM #24    


Gregory Porter

Reflective thoughts on a Tuesday morning. I have just viewed Steve Wendt's photos that were posted by Paul Peters. I think the one I enjoyed the most was the one of Steve's 14th birthday party with Tom Kulina and Mike Guthrie. Were we ever really that young? I am sorry that we have lost so many of our classmates, especially in the last few days.

I am sitting in my kitchen in the house where I spent much of my youth. I actually sleep in the same bedroom I slept in as a child. But I do not choose to focus on the past, and I am not pondering houses, or places. I would prefer to look at the present, and to focus on people. People we have known since we were children. Old friends. That really is a special term.

In addition to being married to Jane (once again, thank you, 40th reunion committee), this week I'll have dinner with Ed Murphy, who was my brother-in-law for almost 20 years. Susan Kriss (Mork) helped us move over the past few weeks, and has provided invaluable assistance with Jane's mother. I enjoy seeing Mike Lunsford, and the rest of the Wilburdale gang, including Fred Chandler. My Annandale High classmates are still a large part of my life.

This site has allowed us to remain in touch with each other. And as much as I enjoy seeing the photos of you as kids, what I enjoy the most are the photos and the comments about what you have been doing lately. The photos of children and grandchildren, your vacation or special events photos, the comments about how you now spend your days. Thank you for sharing.   



09/01/21 07:52 AM #25    


Paul Peters

Posting for Judy Owen

Okay detectives (calling on our very own Nancy Drew and The Hardy boys team of teams) we need your astute assistance! 
Judy Owen came across an old photo of a classmate and she'd like to be reminded of who she is! Any guesses?

One guess is, Sandy Spinner. What do you think?
Post your response and win a BIG thank you.

09/01/21 05:46 PM #26    


Paul Rowson

Great post, Greg. It was a timely message and reminder of how the past has brought us to this point in the future. So true how the recent loss of classmates has given us pause and appreciation for the gift of high school friendships that have endured for over 50 years. Though many years have passed and we've lost touch, I still remember Jane, Susan and Mike as if was yesterday.  Please give them my best and I hope to see you and them at our 50th reunion next June. All the best! Paul






09/02/21 08:28 AM #27    


Fred Chandler


 Yoir picture looks a lot like Deborah Nagin.

09/02/21 12:35 PM #28    

Constance Menefee

Pretty Lore DeWyer--?? Whose birthday just happens to be today! Happy Birthday, Lore! Best regards, Nancy Drew

09/08/21 09:43 PM #29    


Paul Peters

Classmates:  As previously mentioned, we will report on classmates who are facing serious health issues or challenging circumstances. Shared information is provided with permission.


Our classmate, John Allen has had serious health issues for a number of years and at this time has experienced a decline.
After a phone call today from Mark Duffner, we thought it was important enough to let fellow classmates know of his condition.  John’s wife, Linda, an emergency room nurse, is providing excellent care and helping John with his daily routines.  She will answer your phone call and relay messages back and forth to John since using the phone may be an issue.
We are asking for your thoughts and prayers for John and his family and if possible, requesting you to drop a card or letter, an email, text, or phone call to him. Any contact from old classmate friends will do wonders for John’s spirit and offer him a few moments of happy memories and an opportunity to remember good times shared together with wonderful friends. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t seen or heard from John for years it matters to take the opportunity to spread and share a little joy.

Linda mentioned to Mark that his phone call was very welcomed and it perked John up! So, a simple call or other choice of contact will be a very welcomed gift to John from the class of 1971.

Linda prefers, if possible text messages to John through her cell number.
Linda’s cell phone: 386-385-7315 
Family home phone. 386-597-1928
Linda’s email address:

John's home address:
John Allen
119 Boulder Rock Drive
Palm Coast, Florida  32137

(please don't send messages to John's email address due to his health issues and the inability to access his messages)

So, put a little spring back in your step by reconnecting with John or other classmates.  

Thank you and best wishes,
Paul Peters (
50 years later, I still choose all of you as friends!

PS. There is power and joy in reconnecting with old friends. So, don’t worry, you’ll be remembered exactly as you were back then!
We all experience joy when visiting with old friends so, If you are aware of a classmate’s challenging circumstances please let us know.

|Love and good wishes to all,
 Paul Peters

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