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•   Annette Green (Glass)  5/7
•   Edwin Horstman  5/9
•   Cynthia Taylor (Zook)  5/9
•   Nancy Parsons (Powell)  5/10
•   Douglas Kingdom  5/12
•   James Tidball  5/14
•   Laura Twiford (Harrington)  5/14
•   Suzanne Mullin (Cowley)  5/16
•   Deborah Patterson  5/19
•   Michael Bearden  5/21
•   Pamela Swim (Gosselin)  5/23
•   John Krieg  5/24
•   Barbara Tatem (Kelley)  5/24
•   Michael Braxton  5/28
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Annandale High School
Class Of 1971



   We're glad you stopped by!

Thanks for making the AHS website successful!

Since 02/04/2011 we've had over


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58.6% of our classmates have joined the website!

(statistic as of 12/24/2020)


Dear Classmates,
Fellow classmates, we are sorry for the delays in our communication  to you regarding our 2021 class event.  Classmates, we’ve been both anxious and nervous awaiting news on the current COVID-19 virus health risk predictions, area meeting restrictions, regulations on large gatherings, and availability of venue accommodations.  As you know our 50th reunion takes an extraordinary effort to plan and execute successfully. The reunion committee is serious about our responsibility for the health and safety of our classmates.
The committee will be meeting shortly via ZOOM to discuss reunion plans. Fellow classmates, you're important to the reunion process so, if you have any thoughts or concerns regarding the reunion please send me an email, . Check the website and your email for a class-wide announcement!  We look forward to hearing from you!

PS - REMEMBER - If you’ve changed your email address or moved to a new home address, please log onto the website and update your profile information. We’d hate for you to miss our email. If you keep in touch with classmates that may have made changes, please send us an email with their change.





Sorry the 2021 Kick off event has been canceled for this year due to the COVID-19 issues


Photos from last year's event

2020 New Year Kickoff Event

We had a great time at our annual AHS NEW YEAR’S BRUNCH!
Together we toasted to and dedicated the new year to remembering our fellow classmates! Twenty two classmates and their spouses attended the event and shared fun, food, and visiting with wonderful “old friends”. If you found yourself unable to attend the event this year we’re planning a great get together in January of 2021.

We look forward to seeing you then!






A reminder - If you change email addresses would you please update your profile page or send Paul Peters your new email address. We'd hate to lose contact with you after all these years!






Billboard Year-End Hot 100 singles of 1971

Click here to view list  (hold cursor over title or artist to see information)



A thought-

Take advantage of the great resources our class website offers to keep in touch with our classmates.  The website provides private email, the Message Forum, the Instant Message link, and the Message Center, all available for your use. Doesn’t that break the finding barrier and makes contacting classmates simple?  A Suggestion - if you haven’t yet, take a moment to add your birthday to your personal profile page so your birthday will be visible (now showing on the right side of the homepage). Another idea - go to a classmate’s personal profile page and check, “follow”. Then if they add comments or photos to their profile page you’ll be sent an update email message to view their update.  Make up your mind to communicate “in the moment” and make the most of every day to keep in touch with your classmates! 

Hey AHS guys and gals, use the website to send classmates your best wishes on their birthday and holidays throughout the year, or take a moment to just catch up. How about just finishing a long-forgotten conversation? Save a stamp by using the website! Don't we all like to feel good and be remembered?  Send a get well message, a “how ya feeling" email, or “where’ve you been” message. Don’t wait for the, “In Memory” announcement of their passing to share your feelings!  Don't be afraid of "voids" created by years of separation. The more communication through messaging we create, the more opportunities we have to touch each other's lives in ways we never could imagine.



Some memories can never be replaced


Take time out for a trip down memory lane (1960 through 1971)

(Place your cursor onto the video to see navigation bar.  Click the diagonal arrows to view full-page)



Guess the TV Theme Songs


Guess the TV Theme Songs




Mike & Dave Gassmann

Mike and son, Dave entertaining patrons as they view the artwork of Pattee Hipschen

The Coolery art gallery is owned by Chris Cooley

Chris played tight end for the Washington Redskins, 2004 - 2012



My wish for you for the upcoming year

May each day of the coming year be vibrant and bright for you! Let’s celebrate together by sharing with our  classmates memories from Annandale High. Take a moment this holiday season to send a thoughtful message to those who shared the hallways, sat in class with you, who danced with you at the sock hops, or cuddled up with at the fall football games. Send a note to thank the thespians and band members who entertained us, or the guys and gals who represented us in the academic competitions. Remember those who spent countless hours putting the “A-Blast” to bed and provided the news we followed. Finally, at this time of year remember those who lived on the fringe, who were too awkward to be social, or who just didn't find their niche.  Yes, after forty-nine years it’s never too late to reach out and share a message of Merry Christmas, or Happy Holidays, a pleasant email, or phone call. Take the time this season to reach out!  The reason will never be better then now!

Each of you are a reason for me to smile and remember joyful times.  Thank you, the wealth of memories that live on within our website will keep me and hopefully all of us forever young! So, as you ring in the new year lift a smile heavenward and be thankful for your years or tears at AHS.

Paul Peters




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More time together sharing memories 
More time together making memories
More time with friends!